About Vogel Abrasives

High Performance Cutting Wheels and Grinding Discs

The Vogel range of bonded abrasives in the form of cutting wheels and grinding discs has a long history of quality. Vogel is a brand owned by PFE Technologies, who is a pioneer in this industry, starting back in the 1980s. Since then, Vogel has been associated with consistent quality and outstanding value through its exceptional performance at a very reasonable price point.

Vogel cutting wheels and grinding discs are manufactured to very strict standards of safety and product quality, which ensures trouble-free, high efficiency performance in almost every application. It is through this combination that Vogel has gained a reputation of being a superb abrasive brand with a quality that gives users and businesses confidence.

Why Quality Matters

Grinding Disc in Singapore Application for finishing


Smart businesses know it’s not just about the cost of the wheel. What’s important is how long it lasts, and how fast it cuts or grinds. Vogel abrasives are designed for the optimal relationship between raw power and longevity, giving you the most efficient product for the price.

Cutting Wheel in Singapore application


We believe that quality matters not just once – quality should be defined over time. We ensure our products deliver the great performance we promise each time, every time. Consistent quality and products are a rare find in this industry, and this is exactly where we shine.


We will never, ever, compromise on safety – not for a bit of reduction in cost, not for any amount of profit. We care deeply about the safety of our products because we know you care about yourself and your workers. Maximizing safety may mean higher costs – we think it’s money well spent.